DRAPETOMANIA is a disease of the mind.  It grows in the mind of slaves…slaves who no longer want to be slaves.

DRAPETOMANIACS suffer from a delusion called FREEDOM, an insatiable craving for physical, mental, and spiritual RELIEF…Relief from that which we fear most:

enslavement (mental, emotional, spiritual, religious)


criticism (from others)


not experiencing LOVE



DRAPETOMANIA is insidious…it gradually seizes one’s entire being. Those who develop this “disease”  are usually never able to recover. VICTIM CONSCIOUSNESS becomes permanently replaced with FREEDOM CONSCIOUSNESS. They become convinced that freedom from EGO domination and it’s fear-based controlling mechanisms is possible.

I am a bonafide DRAPETOMANIAC.

This blog is a record of my journey from fear-based psychological and emotional enslavements (addictions) of every kind, and my exploration into solution-based recovery of self and GOD CONSCIOUSNESS.




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